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Photo Friday: A best friend reunion in autumn.

26 Oct



I’ve included two photos for today’s Photo Friday because I absolutely love fall (It really is the perfect season), and my best friend, Skidmore, is coming down from Virginia today to spend the weekend with me. We’re planning to go shopping (yay retail therapy), watch movies (which will be chick flicks galore, obviously), jam out to Taylor Swift’s new album (since she’s our favorite singer. Yes, guilty as charged) and just do our typical best friend things. I can’t wait, especially since I haven’t seen Skidmore since the beginning of August. This best friend reunion will be much needed after the stressful week that I’ve had. And having Skidmore here during my favorite season is as close to perfection as things could ever get. 🙂

Tuesday’s Tunes: Taylor Swift.

23 Oct

I absolutely love Taylor Swift, which is one of the things that actually shows my age. However, I’m totally okay with that because I realize that I love Taylor Swift because she’s a typical teenage girl who’s growing up. Therefore, I’m able to relate to her songs (as can every other girl in America who has loved Taylor from the beginning).

People have said that Taylor’s most recent album Red (which was released yesterday) shows how much she has matured in the last few years, especially when you compare the most recent album to the Fearless album (her first album). I completely agree that Taylor has definitely matured. As Taylor has matured, so have the girls (including me) who have loved her since her first album. Therefore, we still love her because we’re able to relate to her even though we’re changing and growing up.

Anyway, as usual, I’m able to relate to pretty much every song on her newest album. However, the song “All Too Well” seems to perfectly describe my current situation regarding love (or the lack thereof) at the moment. Either way, despite the fact that it’s a sad song, I love it because I’m able to put my own situation side by side with what Taylor is saying. As with many other situations in life regarding strong emotions, they are much easier to get through once you realize that there are others who are going through the same thing. Therefore, thank you Taylor. You have helped me (and so many other girls who love you) through some of the hardest times.

Are those snowflakes I see?!

29 Nov

“The world changes when it snows. It’s quiet. Everything softens.”-Gilmore Girls

It’s official. At approximately 3:30 this afternoon, I spotted the first snowflakes of the season! Even though it’s not sticking and it’s only snowing off and on, it’s so pretty. I’ve opened my window so that I can smell the amazing snow-filled air. This is quite a treat for me. I’m originally from South Carolina where it doesn’t snow much, so I’ve been looking forward to winter in Asheville for quite some time. The fact that it’s snowed today has also made me realize just how close Christmas is. So, I’m sitting in my room watching the snow and listening to Christmas music. I still can’t believe it’s that time of year again. I feel like it was just Halloween a few days ago.

This semester has flown by, which is both a blessing and a bummer. I’ve loved my first semester at Asheville, but I’m also reaching the point of just being totally burned out, so I’m just ready to be done already. I want to get these papers and projects out of the way so that all I have to do is get excited about Key West. Me, my parents, my brother, my brother’s girlfriend, and my friend Heather are all going to Key West for a few days before Christmas. I’m really looking forward to it. It’ll be nice to have a fun trip to get excited for the holiday season. Plus, I haven’t seen my friend Heather since before Thanksgiving so I really miss her.

Current Christmas Music: Last Christmas by Taylor Swift. I’m a HUGE Taylor Swift fan, and I’ve always really loved her Christmas music, so it’s a win-win.

What’s your favorite part about the holidays? Have you started getting into the Christmas spirit yet?

Cleaning With Taylor Swift.

12 Nov

“When we long for life without difficulties, remind us that oaks grow in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure.”

Happy Saturday everyone! It’s been a good one here in Asheville. I slept in (just what I needed), and then got up to start a paper for my Sustainability class. I got 3 pages done within a few hours. The minimum is 10, but it’s not due until December. I had been putting it off, so the fact that I was able to sit down today and crank out three pages was definitely a move in the right direction. I then took a break and enjoyed an episode of Private Practice and some leftover Mellow Mushroom, which was just as yummy as when I had it for dinner on Wednesday night! 🙂

I then cleaned the bathroom in my suite. My suitemates and I switch off every weekend in terms of whose turn it is to clean the bathroom, and this weekend was mine. The thing is, I like cleaning. So it was a very liberating feeling. Especially since I took my Itunes into the bathroom and cranked it up so that within a few minutes I was Swiffering and dancing around in my socks to Taylor Swift. Fun? You betcha!

Now that the cleaning is done, I’m picking things up around my room and getting clothes ready to wash. A thrilling Saturday, I know. Although, I am going out to have fro-yo with some friends later, so that will be fun.

But I’m just resting up for the sold-out UNCA vs. Chapel Hill basketball game tomorrow where I’ve got front row seats! So so so excited!! 🙂