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Photo Friday: Missing Ireland.

23 Nov

I’m spending my Friday following Thanksgiving not shopping, but in my house with coffee and The Weepies on Pandora writing a research paper on mysticism and mental illness. Though music by The Weepies does make the process somewhat bearable, I still wish I was somewhere else. But not just anywhere else…..specifically, Ireland.

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland.


Well, it was fun while it lasted.

2 Nov

Due to being completely swamped with schoolwork, projects, papers, and all sorts of end of the semester stuff that professors love the throw at us the few weeks before Thanksgiving, I’m going to have to drop my commitment to do NaNoWriMo. Though I’d love to say that I have the time, I truly don’t, and this blog has always acted as just a way for me to let my feelings out. With everything related to college + making time for NaNoWriMo, I don’t have a place for my frustration to go. Plus, I just know that I really need to focus on academics right now. That’s what college is about…plus reading some on the side and making weekly, if not by-weekly, drives on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Therefore, I’m sorry to those of you who were looking forward to my day-by-day account of NaNoWriMo, but I know that I’ll definitely be posting similar writing pieces throughout the month…just not quite every day. Plus, as I’ve learned since January, writing a memoir isn’t exactly an easy thing. Having to dig up a new painful memory from my childhood to write about each day is just too much right now. Plus, I think it’s also important for me to keep reminding myself that there is no timeline. I don’t have a deadline I need to meet. I don’t need to relive my entire childhood in the span of a single year. Truthfully, I think taking my time with it will make it that much better. I’ve never worked well when I’m rushed, even if I am the person that ends up getting things done if they need to be done. I guess I just have now realized that this doesn’t need to be done right now. I’m not giving up on it by any means. That’s not what I’m saying at all. I think taking more time with it will make it even better, which is what I want.

That being said, I’m off to spend the evening working on an incredibly important research paper, especially since I’m hoping to have it done by the beginning of next week (even though it’s not due for a few weeks). Wish me luck! Also, happy writing to those of you who are trudging through NaNoWriMo. I’ll be cheering you all on throughout the month!

Sunday’s song: goodbye in her eyes.

28 Oct

I’ll be spending the day today working on a research paper for my Community Psychology class, and when a huge research paper is present, that calls for good music, some breaks for food and coffee and a few sayings that will keep me motivated to keep plugging along.

Our greatest glory consists not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall.-Oliver Goldsmith

It’s incredibly cold in Asheville today, which makes it easier for me to stay inside and work since warmth is wonderful. However, that being said, I enjoyed my nice brisk walk a few hours ago. I don’t know what’s so perfect about cold weather here in the Blue Ridge Mountains, but I absolutely love it. Maybe because it reminds me of coffee, hot chocolate, fall weather, and feeling genuinely happy with where I live. However, no matter what season it is, I am normally able to come up with numerous reasons why I love living in Asheville. When you reach that point, in which you can’t even find anything to complain about regarding the place you live, I feel like you’ve found where you belong. I know that I have.

Despite wishing I could take a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway today to fully enjoy the scenery I love, I know that I need to write, write, write, write (my research paper, that is). It’ll be such an amazing feeling once I’m able to turn it in a few weeks from now so that I can have it behind me. For now though, I’ve got to keep on pushing through, and what better way to get some motivation than by listening to the Zac Brown Band.

Sunday’s Studying Song.

30 Sep

I needed some background music while I do research on the social stigma of physical disabilities for my Community Psychology project. This seemed perfect. 🙂

The helping profession.

20 Sep

I’ve been glued to On Being a Therapist by Jeffrey A. Kottler for the past 2 days, taking in each and every word with excitement and wonder. Since I want to be a counselor, any book or article that talks about the helping profession is music to my ears. As if I need any more reasons or drive to be a counselor, I went to a Psychology talk at my university today that was given by one of the professors in the Psychology department here, Dr. Wetter. The talk was titled, Mechanisms of Change: Why do people improve in therapy? Just as the current book I’m reading has captivated me, I was pulled in so deep to the talk today that I was actually a bit sad when it ended. Ways to measure success in therapy and many well-established therapy techniques (like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Behavior Therapy etc.) were discussed. What I found most interesting though were the reasons why people improve in therapy. That isn’t to say that all people do improve, but the talk looked at those people who did improve to try to figure out what factors went in to their improvement in therapy. The factors included common factors (such as a healing setting, expectations of improvement, a treatment ritual, and the therapeutic relationship. Not surprisingly, the therapeutic relationship is the most important), specific factors (such as cognitive restructuring, challenging negative automatic thought, behavior activation, and exposure), therapist variables (such as age, sex, race/ethnicity, amount and type of training, professional experience, and interpersonal style), and client variables (such as severity of diagnosis, co-occurring diagnoses, age, sex, race/ethnicity, expectations for change, and preoperations for change). Though it was a lot of information to take in, I was hooked from the very beginning!

I didn’t need yet another reason to be a counselor because I already have so many that I might burst from happiness. However, it is exciting that I have found something that I am passionate about. After Dr. Wetter’s talk, I made sure to go up to her and tell her how much I enjoyed her talk. Plus, I also wanted to introduce myself and see what classes she’d be teaching next semester. She’s teaching theories of personality as well as a class on trauma disorders. I told her that she could count on me to take both. Before I spoke with her, another student was asking her if there were any undergraduate research opportunities that were related to therapy. Even though there were not any undergraduate research opportunities specifically related to therapy, Dr. Wetter did say that next semester she will be continuing her research on trauma disorders and she’d be welcoming students. Not only did I attend a Psychology talk today that I absolutely loved, which furthered my drive to be a counselor, but I also may have gotten a potential undergraduate research opportunity out of it. Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all! 🙂