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Photo Friday: Let the stress continue.

30 Nov
From Tumblr.

From Tumblr.

“In times of stress, the best thing we can do for each other is to listen with our ears and our hearts and to be assured that our questions are just as important as our answers.” – Fred Rogers

Tuesday’s Tunes: Does Music Help Your Writing?

13 Mar

When I think of the typical writer, I imagine someone in a book-filled “study” that’s dead quiet except for the sound of the writer’s typing. Though I’m sure there are some people out there who write better when a room is dead quiet so that they can hear themselves think through what they’re writing, I myself have found that I write much better with music. Nothing too loud or distracting. Something just loud enough to counteract the silence that has the power to envelope a room like a blanket.

Like many books, music evokes so many emotions within me. That is a wonderful tool while writing because often the challenge for me is retrieving the emotions. Once they’ve surfaced, I just write and write and write until everything that I’ve felt from those particular emotions is down on the page. It’s an incredible freeing feeling, which is something that I didn’t really pick up on until starting this blog. Since then, I’ve realized just how disconnected I feel when I have yet to write my daily blog post. It’s like an itch that doesn’t go away until I decide to scratch it. It took me a while to realize how good it is that I’ve made myself blog everyday. Even on days when I feel like there’s not much to say, it’s still a ritual that is very therapeutic to me. I write what I feel…and then those feelings are available for all of you to read. As well as it being a freeing process, I also am so thankful for all of the wonderful feedback that I’ve received from my wonderful followers. You all are the reason I have continued on this journey. Though we are each following our own path, this connection we all have is real, raw, and true.

Recently, I’ve gravitated toward artists like Natalie Merchant while writing. Her voice is soft and calming, and it’s the perfect background music to compliment the fact that there are thousands of thoughts and memories begging to be released onto the page. With the calming music as comfort, I remind myself that the memories will show themselves when I’m ready to see them again. Though it’d be easy to get frustrated (and I have), I’ve also been reminded that there is no deadline on this book. I don’t have to have everything written down by a certain date. Though I’ve been advised to not rush the creative process, I guess things didn’t really stick until I embarked on the journey of writing my book. I began writing and had the mentality that I just wanted to get it all out. All my emotions were on the verge of breaking free, and I needed to let them out. However, I’ve recently realized that bombarding my mind and heart with all sorts of memories isn’t necessarily the best approach. For one, I get overwhelmed quickly…which leads to feelings of defeat. Secondly, if I bombard myself with all sorts of emotions, there is the possibility that I may miss something…something that’s an important piece to the puzzle.

So, here I sit…writing. Writing to all of you to hear your thoughts on all of this. Over my Spring Break, I took a break from working on my book. Even though I technically didn’t write anything for the entire break, that didn’t mean that my mind wasn’t racing with ideas, memories, emotions, and questions. So even when I want to take a break from it, I don’t think I will fully be able to. Unfortunately, we aren’t born with a switch to turn off our brains. If we were, I bet that writers would be the first people to jump on that bandwagon.