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Photo Friday: Missing Ireland.

23 Nov

I’m spending my Friday following Thanksgiving not shopping, but in my house with coffee and The Weepies on Pandora writing a research paper on mysticism and mental illness. Though music by The Weepies does make the process somewhat bearable, I still wish I was somewhere else. But not just anywhere else…..specifically, Ireland.

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland.


When in Ireland, visit Connemara.

28 Jun

Favorite shot in Connemara

When in Ireland, have your camera ready.

22 Jun

I thought it was about time that I post some photos for all of you to see the beauty of Ireland I’ve been seeing recently. These photos are just from the first 2 days, so they don’t include my trip to The Cliffs of Moher today. Those photos will be up tomorrow, so come back then for a look at some breathtaking shots!

The first picture of the trip. 🙂

It’s just like a postcard!

In Glendalough (the Wicklow Mountains)

Along the Ring of Kerry.

P.S. I Love….Ireland!

12 Jun

My dream of wanting to go to Ireland began before I saw P.S. I Love You. However, once I saw the movie, I KNEW I had to go. Through the whole movie….I sat looking at all the incredible scenery and kept picturing myself there. The realization that I’ll be able to experience the beauty of Ireland for myself in exactly one week seems truly unreal, and I have no doubt that once I’m there, I’ll be reflecting back on the movie and realizing that I’m experiencing all the beauty of Ireland not through a movie, but through my own eyes….creating memories that I’ll reflect back on for my entire life.

Magical. There’s no other word for it.