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Fun Sick Days Don’t Exist In College.

12 Apr

During my childhood, being sick was an exciting time (if it wasn’t the stomach bug or another nasty equivalent). Being sick in the middle school days meant staying home from school, being curled up on the couch in pjs watching tv, having my mom make me soup and get popsicles and ice cream from the store, and best of all, sleeping. Sometimes when I was younger, I looked forward to those days, even if I was feeling pretty crappy. It meant having a break from school, which wasn’t exactly needed during the younger years, but something I gladly took anyway.

Being sick in college is not nearly as fun. Since there’s so much schoolwork to get done and most teachers penalize you for assignments being late or for missing a test, there’s no “fun” in being sick. Yesterday, I had 2 classes and worked at the bookstore for 4 hours despite being tired and coughing so much that I thought I’d cough up a lung eventually. Once I was done with classes yesterday, I came back to my dorm room to try to sleep, but I had no luck due to my constant coughing. After I had “rested” for about an hour, I had to get back to working on all the schoolwork that my professors have piled on over the last week.

No matter how old I get, I think I’ll always want my mom when I’m sick. Someone to make me soup and buy me popsicles and basically spend the day babying me. Everyone feels rotten when they’re sick, and all anyone wants is to feel better. Though moms can’t wish away sickness, they still do a pretty good job making sick days the best of the worst days. Ever since yesterday, I’ve wanted to be at my house curled up on the couch in pjs not having to worry about anything but sleeping and getting better. Though I know it’s important to get better now too, I’ve got so much due. As a kid, I never thought I’d need more time for “life.” I used to think there was so much already. College beats that thought right out of you, but leaves the sickness lingering….waiting to attach itself to the next tired and stressed college student.


Study Snacks.

27 Feb

Yesterday, I wrote about studying and my favorite way and place to study (since it’s midterms week). However, I forgot to mention a very important thing: study snacks! I mean, studying requires alertness and focus. Best way to achieve that? Not be hungry. Hunger can make you crazy, meaning that when you’re hungry it’s hard to focus on other things, like studying for midterms for instance.

Today after class, I headed to Ingles to stock up on snacks for this week. Here’s what I got:

  • Cascadian Farm Organic French Vanilla Almond Granola–Yes, long name, but I’ve been on a granola kick for a while, and I’ve found that a bit of natural flavor is more appealing to me than just plain granola.
  • Smuckers Strawberry Jam–I’ve also been on a peanut butter and jelly kick recently, and I ran out of jelly this morning. I have yet to try organic jelly. Not sure why. I guess sometimes I like to stick to what I’m used to.
  • All Natural Jalapeno Chips–I love jalapeno-flavored anything, so jalapeno chips are a must. This brand, Food Should Taste Good, is new to me. I’ve had the Kettle Korn organic jalapeno chips, but I thought I’d try a new brand out today!
  • Strawberry Banana V8 Fusion Juice–V8 Fusion is one of my favorite juices (and strawberry banana is my favorite flavor!), and you can’t have all these yummy snacks without something to drink, right?

Alright, I better get to studying. What are your favorite study snacks? 

Study Sunday.

26 Feb

Well, today started off with a trip to the Dairy Freeze, my favorite ice cream place that’s near Kayley’s house in Virginia. They have amazing milkshakes! Anyway, after a little more chill time with Kayley, I hit the road for the 4 hour car drive back to Asheville. I’m pretty wiped now, but I’m happy to be back!

Spring Break starts this coming Friday, so this week is consists of quizzes and midterms. Bleh! Thankfully, my midterms aren’t until Thursday and Friday. However, I study best with notecards, so today and tomorrow and part of Tuesday will be spent making tons of notecards since I want to do well on my midterms. Though it’ll take a while, it’s a relief to know the best way for me to study.

My ideal study spot: coffee shop with notes and notecards, plus my computer and headphones so that I can listen to my Itunes. The library is a close second, but sometimes it’s a little too quiet. I also love drinking coffee and snacking while I study (if only it wasn’t already 6:15 or I would make some).

Anyway, sorry for the short post but I’ve got to go start making these notecards before I get too sleepy!

What’s your ideal study spot?/What’s your favorite study method?