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Monday’s playlist.

26 Nov

Due to the frequent playlist posts by Mackenzie over at whatever gatsby, I have been inspired to have my own playlist post since the only way I’ll be keeping my sanity through the coming weeks of final exams and papers is through music and lots and lots of coffee.

Here’s the specific variety of music I’ll be listening to today to help myself get through the papers I need to tackle over the next week:

  • The Longer I Run by Peter Bradley Adams
  • Restless by Alison Krauss and Union Station
  • Giving Up by Ingrid Michaelson
  • All This Beauty by The Weepies
  • Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac
  • You And Me by Dave Matthews Band
  • Why Georgia by John Mayer
  • Up To The Mountain by Patty Griffin
  • As It Seems by Lily Kershaw
  • Never Say Die by Dixie Chicks
  • Change by Tracy Chapman
  • Lifeline by Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals

Dave Matthews Band.

6 Sep

I was lucky enough to see the Dave Matthews Band perform live a few years ago. It was one of the best performances I’ve ever been to. Moral of the story: If you ever get the chance to see Dave Matthews in concert, GO! 🙂

Inspired By Jewel.

19 Feb

“If I could tell the world just one thing
It would be that we’re all OK
And not to worry ’cause worry is wasteful
And useless in times like these.”

Ever since hearing Hands by Jewel on Pandora last night, this first stanza of the song has been on my mind. I think it has stuck with me, especially the line “It would be that we’re all OK,” because it relates to what I’ve been feeling recently. Though I know that writing my book/sharing my story is something I feel I need to do, some days it’s hard. It’s hard to remind myself how far I’ve come. Since I’m focusing on a lot of the hard stuff I faced in the beginning of my book, it’s a little to see the good stuff at this point. I have to constantly remind myself to look around at the life that I’m currently living to show myself how happy I am.

Truthfully, I haven’t been generally this happy in a long time. It was definitely the right choice to transfer to Asheville. I’ve made amazing friends that mean a lot to me, and I’ve been able to do some “soul-searching.” I also just feel better about myself. I feel like I’m finally able to start truly living my life. That sounds weird, but as I’m discovering new things, I’m also discovering the things that make me feel good about myself. For example, back in October, I got a new wardrobe. I’ve never been one to really care much about my appearance, but getting a new wardrobe lead to a big change in my personality in general. Since I’ve started to care about how I look, I’ve felt happier. Also, I’ve slowly started to come out of my shell and not be scared to experience new things. In November, I was introduced to restorative yoga and meditation. It’s helped me realize the importance of having time to myself and the benefits of trying to live in the present moment as much as I can. However, if I wasn’t in Asheville, I don’t know if I would feel as comfortable trying new things. It’s just nice to be among the strangeness. As many stickers say: “Keep Asheville Weird.” Now, it’s February, and I’m so grateful for all the amazing friends I’ve made thus far. It’s been a while since so many people have simply accepted me for who I am without question, and it is seriously one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. Knowing that the people around me love me for exactly who I am is amazing.

“Would you not like to be
Sitting on top of the world with
Your legs hanging free.”

-Dave Matthews Band