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Tuesday’s Tunes: Dustin O’Halloran.

18 Sep

My roommate, Sarah, introduced me to Dustin O’Halloran last week, who plays beautiful instrumental music. He is officially my favorite artist to listen to while I’m studying. Plus, this week is busy in terms of exams, so Dustin O’Halloran will be a constant in my apartment this week. 🙂

Apartment Living: The Very Beginning.

15 Aug

Well, after lots of unpacking and some tired muscles, I’m finally moved in to my apartment. Woohoo! Special thanks to my dad for moving every single one of my boxes from my car to my apartment and then helping me hang a few posters. I have no idea where I’d be without you, Dad.

Since I’m crazy tired and just had a very filling meal at Homegrown with my awesome roomie, Sarah, I’ll just settle for sharing some relaxing music with all of you. Actually, not really relaxing…more like my favorite song at the moment. Although, it can be relaxing if you’re a fan of slow country songs. Either way, enjoy!

More updates to come on apartment living tomorrow, so stay tuned! 🙂

My packing soundtrack.

11 Aug

I’ve spent most of today packing since I move into my first apartment on Wednesday (Yay!). Normally I find packing to be quite a chore even if it is exciting in the beginning. Thankfully, when I came home for the summer at the beginning of May, I left the majority of my stuff in boxes since I knew that I wouldn’t be using most of it until classes started back in the fall. That being said, though I’ve got a good amount of stuff already in boxes, I’ve got to go through those boxes and make sure I still want everything. Plus, since I’m moving into my first apartment, I’ve also got to include kitchen stuff and other knickknacks that I didn’t need when I was just in a dorm room.

The plus about my packing routine though is that I always play music. I’ve loved music for as long as I can remember, and even though my music taste has changed over the years, my love of music has remained strong. Anyone who has ever tried to pin down my music taste normally doesn’t have too much luck since my music taste is so varied. I love country because I grew up in the South and it’s my connection to my Southern roots. I love singer/songwriters because to me they signify real music since you know that the musicians wrote their own songs and sing them because they feel like it’s their true passion (and there’s nothing more inspiring than that). I also love music from Broadway musicals (primarily Rent and Wicked). I was involved in community theatre from ages 8 to 16, so I have an appreciation for the theatre industry. Also, because of my theatre background, I’ve seen 3 different Broadway musicals in New York City (Hairspray, All Shook Up, and Wicked), and they pretty much changed my life. Despite those three genres (country, singer/songwriter, and broadway musicals), I still have a relatively wide range of music that I listen to on a regular basis. However, in terms of my soundtrack for today’s packing, I’ve stuck to country songs. Here are some examples:

  • Neon by Chris Young
  • When She’s On by Chris Young
  • Cowboys and Angels by Dustin Lynch
  • Heads Carolina, Tails California by Jo Dee Messina
  • Never Say Die by Dixie Chicks
  • You by Chris Young
  • (Kissed You) Goodnight by Glorianna
  • Time Is Love by Josh Turner
  • Glass by Thompson Square
  • Lovin’ You Is Fun by Easton Corbin
  • Wanted You More by Lady Antebellum

Do you have any specific music you like to listen to while packing?

The Apartment Stage.

23 Feb

About a week ago, something exciting happened. I signed a lease for my first apartment! I’ll be living there beginning in August with 2 of my friends, and I’m so excited! It’ll be nice to escape “dorm life” and be able to have my own room (that’s a decent size) and bathroom. And a kitchen! No more cafeteria food for me! I’m looking forward to being able to decorate and cook. Ah, it’s going to be so great!

It’s strange though. It’s strange to think that I’ve hit an age to have an apartment. It feels like just yesterday that I was living at home and having my brother drive me to school. It’s crazy how fast time flies. Anyway, I’m excited to be able to enter the “apartment stage” of my life. The great thing about the apartment complex where I’ve chosen to live is that it’s only about 2 minutes from campus, which is really convenient. Also, it’s as close to downtown as it is when I’m on campus, so it’ll be nice to know that I won’t have to drive further to get downtown.

I’m just excited to embrace my inner homebody. I’ve always felt like a homebody at heart, but I also love being able to get out and do things. I’ve been able to be a homebody this year, but only on a minimal scale. I live in a single room that’s in a dorm on campus, so I get cabin fever really quickly since I have such a limited space. Therefore, it’ll be nice to have much more space starting in August.

Ah, so exciting! I can’t wait to start this next “phase” in my life.