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Where lifeintheblueridges has been, and what’s next!

6 May

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written a blog post, and that’s mostly because I have been focusing solely on my final year of college. As of last Thursday, I completed my last final exam of my undergraduate career. I’ll be graduating in just 4 days with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. I truly can’t wait to have that diploma in my hand and have my family and friends around me to celebrate!

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.-Henry David Thoreau

What’s next in my life: Graduate school! Starting in August, I will attend UNC Charlotte’s MSW (Master’s of Social Work) program, and I truly can’t wait! One of my dreams of helping others is finally going to be coming true, and I am so ready for the journey ahead. Though it will be sad to close the UNC Asheville chapter of my life, I am anxious to start the next phase of my life in a new city which holds new opportunities and the chance to bring more wonderful people into my life. What could be more wonderful than that, you ask? Well…finally getting to focus solely on what I love and long to do for the rest of my life: helping others (hopefully the special needs population).

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.-Howard Thurman

Where lifeintheblueridges has been: Since its creation in November 2011, this blog has been an incredible gift to me in so many ways. Within the first few months of starting my blog, I connected with many people like me, aspiring writers. More than that, though, I was welcomed with open arms into a community I never knew I needed. Because of constant support and encouragement from those who knew me not personally, but simply through my writing, I finally reached a point in which I was able to start something I never thought I’d be able to do: the sharing of my story of living with Cerebral Palsy. In January of 2012, I began receiving positive feedback from fellow bloggers and connecting with others who either have Cerebral Palsy or another disability or know someone who does. Because of all the positive feedback, in January of 2012, I started writing my memoir of living with Cerebral Palsy. If it hadn’t been for the encouragement from the blogging community and other friends, I don’t know if I would have ever had the courage to open up about my experiences of living with CP. Since opening up, however, I have connected with so many people who’ve told me to keep on sharing. More recently, I’ve also been giving talks to elementary and middle schools in Buncombe County regarding my experiences of living with CP, and more specifically, the bullying experiences I had as a child as a result of my Cerebral Palsy. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities I’ve received to talk with so many kids about disabilities and bullying, especially because they have allowed the kids to learn more about what it’s like to live with a physical disability and it’s given them the opportunity to ask any questions they want about me and my disability (which I fully support since I know there are so many kids who are curious). Overall, through this blog, I have gained the courage to open up about my experiences and have developed the desire to share my story with others. However, I’ve also gained encouragers, supporters, fellow writers, beta readers fellow CPers, special needs parents…or more precisely, a community of people that is cheering me on currently and will continue to do so even after my memoir is eventually published (or that’s what I hope, anyway).

Where lifeintheblueridges is going: Beginning this July, I will no longer live in Asheville…no longer will I be nestled among these mountains I love. Therefore, the beloved lifeintheblueridges will be ending after this post. In the coming months, I’ll no longer be a college girl in Asheville. I’ll be even more than that…a graduate student in Charlotte! Therefore, though this blog has provided me with more than I ever thought possible…I’ll be creating a new blog, especially because I am about to close one door and open another. I am incredibly excited to begin a new blog journey, a blog that will solely focus on writing about my experiences of living with CP. Since this blog helped me to open up about my experiences, there’s NO WAY I’m going to stop sharing my story and writing my memoir. I hope to be sharing my story and the writing process of my memoir even more on my new blog!

*As of right now, I am not sure when my new blog will be up and running, but I will make one more post on here once the new blog is live so that everyone can continue following me and my story.*

Nurture Your Adventurous Spirit.

21 Apr

I’ve always been quite an adventurous eater, in terms of my openness to try new foods. My grandfather has said to me ever since I was little how he thinks it’s so great that I’m willing to try pretty much anything when it comes to different foods. Though this may have been the case when I was young and growing up, I think I’ve begun to lose part of my adventurous spirit when it comes to trying all sorts of new foods.

However, I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing. I think that even though I have lost a bit of my adventurous spirit when it comes to food, I have also gained an adventurous spirit in other aspects of my life. For example, my mom has always been the type of person who loves to travel. Even though I loved going on family trips when I was young, over the past few years I have been bitten over and over by the travel bug. Ever since I first flew by myself a few years ago to visit my aunt and uncle in College Station, Texas, I’ve increased my pure inner need to travel. Now that I know that I’m able to travel by myself and enjoy myself as much, and maybe more, as I did when I went on family trips, there’s not much that is stopping me.

It is sort of similar to the freedom that you feel when you finally get your license and a car. However, my beginning driving experiences weren’t as much about freedom as they were for most teenagers. Though I knew I’d be able to drive, I had to take things slow. I remember when I was first learning how to drive. My mom would be sitting in the passenger seat, and before I even cranked up the car, my legs would start to shake. My legs shake when I get nervous, which is really annoying since it means that everyone is able to tell when I’m nervous. Anyway, eventually I was able to calm down enough to crank up the car and put it in drive. In the beginning, a big deal was going 20 miles per hour and making sure to stop at stop signs and use my blinkers before turning. Thankfully, I got past that early phase of nerves, but it’s something that I’ll always remember. I guess now I’m glad that I grew up in a really small town. Learning how to drive in even a moderate-sized city would have been an entirely different experience.

Even though I’m not as adventurous anymore when it comes to food, I love being adventurous when it comes to traveling or going to new places. The best part is the fact that I don’t necessarily need someone with me in order to have a really fun experience. For instance, I have 2 very close friends that live in Virginia, and I love driving up to visit them. Though it’s quite a drive to get to the different parts of Virginia that they live, I love the road trips…even when it’s just me and the radio. The great thing about traveling alone (especially when it comes to road trips) is having the ability to stop whenever and wherever you want and not feeling rushed. Having the opportunity to take all the time I need to explore a new place is something that I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of.

Though I know that different people are adventurous in different parts of their lives, I feel like it’s something that should definitely be nurtured. For instance, my mom instilled in me a love of traveling and experiencing new places. However, my best friend Skidmore is into fashion design, and she is adventurous in the clothes she makes (in terms of not being afraid to try out new designs to see if they work). I guess what I mean to say is that I think it’s important for all of us to nurture the adventurous spirit inside of us, from whenever it comes. A sense of adventure is very similar to finding something that you love to do, in terms of the excitement and the even greater sense of happiness when you feel like you’ve uncovered something that you’ve been missing in your life. So, embrace your adventurous spirit. You never know where it may take you.