Study Snacks.

27 Feb

Yesterday, I wrote about studying and my favorite way and place to study (since it’s midterms week). However, I forgot to mention a very important thing: study snacks! I mean, studying requires alertness and focus. Best way to achieve that? Not be hungry. Hunger can make you crazy, meaning that when you’re hungry it’s hard to focus on other things, like studying for midterms for instance.

Today after class, I headed to Ingles to stock up on snacks for this week. Here’s what I got:

  • Cascadian Farm Organic French Vanilla Almond Granola–Yes, long name, but I’ve been on a granola kick for a while, and I’ve found that a bit of natural flavor is more appealing to me than just plain granola.
  • Smuckers Strawberry Jam–I’ve also been on a peanut butter and jelly kick recently, and I ran out of jelly this morning. I have yet to try organic jelly. Not sure why. I guess sometimes I like to stick to what I’m used to.
  • All Natural Jalapeno Chips–I love jalapeno-flavored anything, so jalapeno chips are a must. This brand, Food Should Taste Good, is new to me. I’ve had the Kettle Korn organic jalapeno chips, but I thought I’d try a new brand out today!
  • Strawberry Banana V8 Fusion Juice–V8 Fusion is one of my favorite juices (and strawberry banana is my favorite flavor!), and you can’t have all these yummy snacks without something to drink, right?

Alright, I better get to studying. What are your favorite study snacks? 


3 Responses to “Study Snacks.”

  1. Katrina February 28, 2012 at 10:13 am #

    Chocolate covered almonds, cranberry pecan granola in yogurt, coffee, and if necessary, ice cream with peanut butter and ground flax seed (the peanut butter give the ice cream an almost malted flavor and texture and you can’t taste the ground flax seeds, but they’re really good for you.)

  2. Laura February 29, 2012 at 7:20 am #

    As the great Lorelai Gilmore would say… coffee coffee coffee!

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