Musical Passion, Snow, And Lifetimes Movies.

11 Feb

So, I went to the Marc Broussard concert last night with two of my favorite people (my uncle and his girlfriend), and it was beyond amazing. We enjoyed dinner at Salsa’s (YUM!), and then went to the concert. We got to the Orange Peel right as the doors opened, so we got a spot right front and center. I mean, we were as close as we could possibly get, and it was amazing! The starting band was Sugar and the Hi-Lows, and they were great. I liked the main guy over the girl since I felt like he was a better singer. However, all in all, they were great. After the show, I got to talk to them and get a picture, and I actually gave each of them a hug (ya know, I just LOVE hugs too much to pass them up). My favorite song by Sugar and the Hi-Lows was “I’ve Got You Covered.” It was so beautiful, and you should definitely check it out on YouTube!

By the time Marc Broussard came out, I was SO excited. He used a concept called “build the band” meaning that in the beginning he just came out by himself and sang with his acoustic guitar. He played a few songs and then slowly added one band member at a time (so some songs were played with just two or three band members, while the later songs were played with the entire band). It was a really cool concept, and Marc was amazing! I’ve only known a few other people who sound the same live as they do on their cds, and it was a really amazing experience. I mean, watching him perform just solidified how much passion he had for his music. It was like the crowd wasn’t even there. It was just him and his music, and it was incredible to watch. Other than his sound, Marc is also an amazing songwriter. There were certain instances where I just stood and listened to the lyrics, and I just cried because I realized how raw and true they were. Music like that isn’t played every day. And passion like that isn’t seen every day either. I hope one day I can find passion like that through my writing.

Anyway, today started off on a good note. I woke up to snow. I had forgotten that it was supposed to snow, so it was exciting. There was only about an inch that fell, but that’s okay. Seeing it this morning and getting a few pictures before the bitter winds took hold was worth it. The day got better when I found out that there was a romance movie marathon on Lifetime. Therefore, today has been spent working on my book and watching Lifetime movies. I worked on my book until I just couldn’t anymore. I’ve been going through a lot of emotional stuff writing this book, and so I’ve had to write it in shifts. I mean, it gets to a point where I’m crying so hard that I can’t even see what I’m typing anymore. I’ll be back at it tomorrow though. I just need an emotional break from the pain of the past.


5 Responses to “Musical Passion, Snow, And Lifetimes Movies.”

  1. Wondering Wanderer February 11, 2012 at 6:24 pm #

    Writing is therapeutic. But so is music. Then again, so is losing oneself in a good movie marathon. Although, I’m not a huge fan of romance movies. Just sayin’.

  2. Laura February 11, 2012 at 9:48 pm #

    It snowed in KY today too and I was definitely glad to finally see some winter show up!

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