Key West: Day 2.

19 Dec

The second day on vacation in Key West was a success! My friend Heather and I slept in, which we needed because of all the traveling we did yesterday. Anyway, after sleeping in, Heather and I headed out to explore.

We walked along Duval Street (which we saw last night, but we wanted to see it in the daylight). Our first hunt was to find coffee. We relaxed at The Tea and Coffee House and enjoyed white chocolate mocha lattes and chocolate chip scones. After some light chit-chat and taking time to rest our feet, we kept heading down Duval. Eventually we reached the end of Duval, which relieved the Southernmost Point in the US (including the Southernmost Beach and the Southernmost Hotel), which was really neat. We then headed back up Duval and explored a few shops that sold typical Key West items (t-shirts, sweats, sweatshirts). In one of these stores, Heather and I got two matching shirts. Anyway, after some more browsing and after Heather got some Christmas gifts for her family, we headed back to the house to relax out by the pool.

Dinner consisted of exploring a tapas restaurant (in which all the entrees are small portions). The foods we ordered varied from chicken skewers to spicy pork skewers and pan-fried potatoes with a spicy sauce. It was a yummy meal, and all of us shared our different plates so that we got to try different things. After dinner, Heather and I explored downtown (Duval) again, since we’ve realized that we like the atmosphere better at night. We went into a few more stores, and I actually found a pretty grey cardigan that I liked but didn’t get. There was also a guitarist playing music at an outside bar and so we listened some, but it was hard not to be able to order drinks and enjoy the music.

It’s been an amazing day, but Heather and I are exhausted and will be going to sleep rather early tonight. The adventures in the next few days include kayaking, enjoying sunset out on a boat and maybe snorkeling.

How has your Monday been? 


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