15 Dec

Today was quite a day. It started when I went in for a dentist appointment at 11:15 to get my wisdom teeth checked (one of my wisdom teeth had been bothering me since before Thanksgiving). I expected I would have to get them out sometime in the next month, but once my dentist looked at my tooth, he said it needed to be taken out today. I could hardly respond. I came in for a sort of check-up, but instead got unexpected news. The great thing was that my dentist recommended an oral surgeon and called him right there to get me an appointment. I then found out that the oral surgeon had an opening for later this afternoon, and honestly, I was less than thrilled. Yes, my tooth was hurting, but the thought of getting it pulled out on the very same day that I just got them looked at seemed extreme.

I was scared. That was a given. But technically I really didn’t have a choice. My dentist pointed out that the pain would only get worse, and since my family and I are leaving in 3 days to go to Florida on vacation, it would be a bummer to be bothered by a tooth ache the whole trip. Honestly, I had forgotten how much tooth aches can hurt. Last night I didn’t sleep very much, and I thought it was maybe since I was still on my finals sleep schedule, but I later realized that it was probably pain coming from my tooth. Anyway, my mom and I headed to the oral surgeon a few hours later, and I was extremely nervous. Even though I knew I wouldn’t feel much, I was still scared. The thought of getting a tooth pulled out of your mouth just isn’t satisfying. And if it hadn’t been for the incredibly nice nurse who held my hand while the oral surgeon gave me shots of novicane, I think I would have been much more upset. The great thing though was how much better I felt after it was out. Granted, I still have some risidual pain, but that’s to be expected.

No one likes pain. It’s scary and unpleasant and just not fun to go through. But it makes me remember a certain saying: “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” For so long I’ve tried to push away the truth found in that statement. I’d deny it and find any excuse to explain why I thought that it was a lie. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve begun to realize the truth in it. Personally, I have a vivid imagination and I’m naturally an anxious person, so normally that doesn’t help when it comes to fear. And often times, when I’m anxious, my thoughts of fear tend to overpower my gut instincts of what is right and wrong.

But maybe that’s the trick: knowing when to go with your gut or give in to the fear.


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