Review: The Friday Night Knitting Club

13 Dec

Since I’ve realized that many bloggers review many things (movies, books, food), I thought I’d take a stab at it.

About three months ago, I read The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. The Friday Night Knitting Club is about a knitting club that’s started at a local yarn shop by women who are looking for tips on knitting. However, as the women in the knitting club learn more about each other, they begin to realize that they’ve joined the knitting club not just because they want to learn more knitting techniques, but because of the fact that they need each other to face the difficulties and triumphs of their lives.

This book really spoke to me when I first read it, and I think it has a lot to do with the special bond that the women have with each other…a bond that solidifies that no matter what the women go through in life, they have each other to lean on. Though I have some incredible friends that I’m able to go to with anything, sometimes I yearn for something like a knitting club. The simple thought of spending one night a week with a group of people who share an interest sounds nice. I think the meaning of this book though is friendship and how important it is to have people to turn to when things get tough. We all face difficulties in our lives, and even if we don’t always admit it, it’s not always easier facing things alone. More often that not, having some to share part of the weight of your difficulties is ideal. I think another important aspect that this book points out is having the courage to ask for help when you need it. Often times, even if we are going through something we think we can handle, it’s good to begin to understand when the stress becomes to much. Though some people have difficulties asking for help (and I know I do sometimes), wouldn’t it be easier to ask for help and be not quite as overwhelmed rather than eventually having to give up?

Have you read The Friday Night Knitting Club or any other good books lately? 


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