Rain, Rain, Go Away!

28 Nov

“Sometimes you wake up. Sometimes the fall kills you. And sometimes, when you fall, you fly.” 

It’s been a rainy day here in Asheville. Not drizzling rain, but the yucky, pouring rain that soaks your shoes and makes you just want to be curled up inside watching a movie. Normally, I like rain. And rain in the mountains has always been special for me. But I think the fact that it is Monday and has been pouring rain all day is reason enough to not be in the best of moods. But the great thing is that small things can sometimes brighten even the darkest of days. For instance, I found out today that both of my classes on Wednesday are cancelled. I don’t know about you, but that’s definitely reason enough for a smile! Also, I just started listening to all my Christmas stations on Pandora, and I guarantee that by the end of the night I will have had at least one dance session in my room. Isn’t Christmas music just the best? It’s super cheery (most of it) and reminds me of cookies and the smell of trees and cooking and family time. Ah, so much fun! And I’m definitely thinking that I need to really get in the Christmas spirit this year. Ya know, peppermint coffee, Christmas music, going to the Biltmore to see Christmas lights (apparently their Christmas light display is amazing), make a gingerbread house, watch Christmas movies. Yeah, I’m smiling just thinking about it all.

What do you do to get ready for the holidays?


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