Simple Saturdays.

19 Nov

“I’m at the point where going forward is easier than going back”-Alice Hoffman.

It’s been a rather simple day today. I had a night away with two of my friends last night at my mountain house. I think it was a getaway we all needed. We got the chance to talk a lot and then we watched P.S I Love You because a girls night isn’t complete without a chick flick, right? We woke up early and headed down to the Ward’s Grill (a diner-like place in downtown Saluda). It was fun to share the Grill with Errign and Malia, especially since I had so many memories there as a kid. We then wandered around in the small town grocery store and looked at random knickknacks that I don’t normally recognize since I don’t really feel like an outsider to Saluda anymore. We then explored Heartwood (which is always fun) and then another store that sells lots of random things. Ya know, the typical small mountain town.

Though it was only a short getaway, it was much needed. We needed to be back pretty quick anyway just because of all the schoolwork that’s needing to get done. Other than doing lots of homework since I’ve been back (which isn’t even near done since there’s so much), I’ve also been battling a cold. Colds are never fun, especially since you normally just have to wait them out. I felt rough when I woke up this morning, and I have a feeling I’ll feel worse tomorrow….but through anything, often times things can worse before they can get better.

Plus of the day: I went to GreenLife (owned by Whole Foods) with my friends, and it’s not a store I normally go to. However, I decided to wander around and see if I could find anything good. I ended up getting pumpkin spice granola, dark chocolate peppermint pretzels, and jalapeno pimento cheese with flatbread crackers. Aka SCORE!

How did you spend your Saturday?


One Response to “Simple Saturdays.”

  1. Errign November 20, 2011 at 1:45 pm #

    Girl’s nights, diner food and greenlife all = good things 🙂

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