We All Have A Story.

11 Nov

“Saying nothing…sometimes says the most.”-Emily Dickinson. 

It’s been a day of thought today, even though it really all began last night. After I had dinner with my godmother last night, I got some coffee and spent about a half hour walking around downtown to enjoy the cold November night. I needed some “me time,” and it gave me time that I needed to think through a lot of things.

There have been a lot of changes in my life within the last few months. Though the majority of them are good things, they’ve taught me a lot. The biggest change has been coming to Asheville. Having the opportunity to live in Asheville has been wonderful, and it has also made me just how different people are and how quickly we as humans seem to judge others. Yes, I admit, I judge too. It’s simple human nature. However, I’ve recently realized that everyone has a story, everyone has reasons for why they are who they are. Through meeting people, I like discovering those things. I’ve also realized that everyone has faced a difficult situation in their life, so we shouldn’t all be quick to say that our situation was worse than what someone else faced. After all, you never know.

We’ve all got a story. Yes, some be more interesting than others, but every person in the world is unique. So we all have unique stories to share with others. So don’t be afraid to tell your story. I’ve been trying to piece mine together over the past year, and yes it’s hard. Once we start moving in the right direction, we move closer to figuring out who we are. Yes, it takes time and lots of introspection, but I feel like that’s what’s great about having time alone: having a chance to focus on yourself and your life without worry about the judgements of others.


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