Home Is Where The Heart Is, Or Is It?

4 Nov

“I’ve seen fire and I’ve seen rain, I’ve seen sunny days that I thought would never end”-James Taylor.

There's nothing like a Carolina sunset.

I used to never use the phrase “home sweet home.” I feel like it’s the sort of phrase that we don’t truly understand the meaning of until we’ve left home long enough to say that we miss it. Yes, when I was in high school (before I left for boarding school), I was like everyone else and longed to get out and see the world. And at 17, I did that.

I left my small hometown and headed for North Carolina. It was the scariest and most incredible decision all at the same time. It was exciting to be in a new place, but I missed home a lot that first year. School was hard, and I felt lonely because at that point I hadn’t made many friends yet. However, the following year Salem (my boarding school) felt more like home to me than I ever thought it could.

So, technically, the phrase “home sweet home” can have numerous meanings. It can mean the place you grew up, the place you now live, or just being able to spend time with the people you love. “Home” is a powerful word, and I truly think that home is where your heart is. However, don’t think that confines you to one particular place. Home can be wherever you want it to be, and it can be many different places all at the same time.

Though as a kid you’re taught how to tell right from wrong, keep in mind that there is no “right” way to live your life. We all have different places that we call home, and we’re all trying to find where we fit. But maybe the trick to it all is simply realizing that it’s so much more exciting to stand out than it is to fit in. We’ve only got one life to live after all, so we might as well make it one that we’re satisfied with, right?


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